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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >> welcome toot red eye like
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the view but fulmigated. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show. >> coming up on the big show is hollywood bracing for a big scandal on the oscars. it is a hell of a tease . the female body inspector . 32 year old sues parents for not loving him enough if i did this i would be laughed oust court. >> that is sweet but not likue. >> we have an earlier time clock and i am trying it out. >> is that why you are not wearing your half tank top. >> they can tune in the week. >> way to plug. go away you sad depress would individual. don't kill yourself in the break. >> she's so cute kittens are suing for.
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dana pirino . forevermore white house press secretary and one of my co-hosts on the 5 laugh alm you want. >> and a storage building. pay to put my junk in him . he's considered a canoe . he's so sharp he sleeps on a dart board. >> sitting next to me waltor . he is up in the world . he is nominated for oscar thumb sucker. >> that is a pretty face. have no place. >> beauty doesn't belong in the oscars anywhere. bearers of the statutet will not be statuesque. >> models are replaced with film students. note the co-producer, this
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tradition . bucks and babes and brings the trophy . they seem to be ain't quated and sexist, too. why can't we have people who care about film? and are the future of film be the trophy presenters. it is stupid. i would flow up if i knew he had a contaste and found them on stage. leggy models were told thigh were not meeted and executed. yes rip leggy models. ♪ >> we hardly knew them. we didn't know them at all. >> they will not return my phone calls.
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>> they are dead phil and dead toy america. will the oscars be the same or will it be less interesting or something else they can't think of? >> bunch of blithering morons is what men and women want. they want glamor and sex and don't want to see pimply pet nerds that will being in pet shop . fat chickings. it is hipock chrisye've hypocrisy. only wape a fat chick can get a part is only if they're funny. only way you are getting to hollywood is if you are good looking. >> kerry washington, beautiful. jessica chastain beautiful . ben affleck and even abe lincoln a wife sally field and
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they should have cast kathy baits. still they put in the cute nun from 40 years ago. it is it a quack. we have the sequel. mary todd lincoln psycho. sally fields takes over. >> all she does track down the off spring of john wilks booth and kills them by signature on them. >> only one person at the table that has been in the oscars. your movie was up in the air. and it was fine. and that is woon after the another . in the beginning. i was starting to take it personally .
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oh, i just wrote a novele. >> that's okay we bleeped. >> what they did in the screen is their damn fault. >> it was not a bad movie. >> no, they kept the title which is all a novelist cares b. >> come on, you didn't read it >> i did sigh the movie though. -- see the movie though. what i'm i was up in the air. >> watching a movie about a guy in the plane, what if high was watching a move i about a plain. >> and about mary todd lincoln and she walks in. plunk. >> and dana, now that you are talk we don't understand why, is this banning of models pc run amuck or a monk running pc. or a monkey. >> you know one of the things i hate more is the development
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of the world is kinder graduation and fifth grate grade graduation and eighth grade graduation you are awarded for things you have not done yet. if was a student i wouldn't want it hol i wood was a dream that is far away. she will get 15 minutes of fame and it is not worth it she should hold off wait and have the beautiful model. >> i was at the oscoor and tell her what is going to happen to her dream. it will be miley cyrus sitting next to thim and all of the people who don't deserve to be in the oscar. >> but they will be hit on by some guy, right? >> right. >> we all know what is going to happen to her in five years, she will work under a famous director but not in the way she wants. >> four or six models (bleep)
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and we will put students in. >> it is great if the students were so hot models. >> and still, you were a model and for discarded socks and homeless shelterings p. aniicism thigh and you were paid in cat felts. >> still haven't sold one. >>'ve i don't see why it is it an honor. thape are do moted to being seat goers. they used to be allowed to speak and now obliged to be silent. >> they were kramers and should be embarrassed. >> i want to go quickly before we move on. what movie you think should win best picture oir perhaps nominated that wasn't. dana, you look like you don't want to be asked this question. >> i don't like to be pinned
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but love actually. >> that was. >> it really deserved more. >> dana thinking you can nominate movies you have just seen. >> exactly. >> and to kim a mockingbird. >> and back. >> it did win. >> oscar grouch show. >> why is that. >> you should rail appreciate a great movie like love actually. >> that is one . worst move iesip have ever seen and i have've hate that movie and if it was real i would have entered it and killed. >> gavin was in and after the show, he admitted he liked it. >> he admitted that because he was trying to get drugs from you. >> you are a liar. >> a liara -- liar will do anything for drugs.
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>> ben afpleck is too prit yewho wants to watch fittle i french pesants singing. not me. comedy is shut out. the three stooges was brilliant . man, he can stay up there for a best actor award. >> you are talking about the actul movie. >> the movie. >> and i never saw it >> my god, i saw it twice. swear to god. >> i might have to read it >> magic mike is my pick. you know if is about real life. >> it is it. it is an art film that meets reality and the act -- it is quite a director. >> hateful to say but he really captures it there. >> by the way, magic mike is obvious lie the red eye film pick of the year. troubles and as a male stripper and i 20 years being
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a stripper. none . movies i liked were nominated. favorite movie was paper boy which no one saw and the director directed precious. paper boy is the most demented and fantastic . i like the separation. the iranian film. i am trying to stound like a punz. >> zero dark 30 is boring. 45 great movies. >> zero dark thirsts're thirsty. >> cabin in the woods. >> wrong year but awesome. >> and that never makes it. they affect the audience. was that 2011 or 12. it was not nominated it can't be nominated not this year, but it should have been the year it was. >> did you see that? >> cabin in the woods is a
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tremendous mind screw that is a horror movie that is not a hear on -- horror movie. i am not sure it is a real show and a therapist created it for my to keep me from killing people. >> red eye. >> i am actually in a room and you people are paper cut outs. hay wire. sort of great film . action, another art film that was a combination. bill? >> it was okay wire. >> hay, hay wire. bill, what was your pick? >> i don't want to sounted like i am joining the crowd but magic mike. we have tape to prove my point. put it on. >> speaking of which, we'll find out what people thought of magic mike? why was it not nominated? >> i have no idea.
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>> good. are you not 99 american. >> i am. >> do you not like beautiful things. >> i didn't see the movie stow i can't give you an opinion on that one. >> i have seen the light . the light rests squarely on abs. >> and we'll go down to amore. >> i didn't see that. i like the french word for hate. argo. >> oh, yes, loched it >> django uned. >> django still lame. les miserabs. >> >> life of pi. >> i didn't see it >> more like life of why. what i am trying to tell you magic mike should have been nominated. how about chaning for bist actor.
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>> i don't think so. >> he co-wrote the thing and about his time as a stripener tampa. >> i wiship was in tampa when that occurring. >> i am the choir and if you have not seen magic mike. you have not scene . if you have not dance tod magic mark. you must not walk. what was your favorite part. >> he was naked and dancing. >> so all of it are you cold. >> absolutely, you want to warm up. >> boom. here we g. look at that. >> and who your favorite, chaning or alex. >> you don't have to say. just awesome. chaning, chaning, he is your man. >> and what is your favorite. matthews mcconnell--
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mcconnahey. >> who is your favorite? >> do you have a hour? the fact the acadimy declared it unvotable . i declare the oscars unwatchable. it is it an attack on male rack. we are in the middle of a full scale riot. magic mike not nominated for a oscar. kids are angry and they want answers. magic mike. magic mike. magic mike. magic mike. magic mike. well, the people have spoken. some portuguese and some jirman. magic mike 2 promise to be the god father book for the male strapers in florida. >> a lot of new people who turned on red eye and think we
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are mentally ill. >> that deserves a pea body. >> it is an award ask not form suitical. >> it should be a antidepressants for you. >> the best way to handle obnoxious people is not to engage them accord sentence i am reading. >> and they have found that not only is ignoring turkings more effective. but it is better for the mental hilth and research is based on something. i have a life . bottom line i can squat 225 and what can you squat. probably 15000 at best. for more here is a pup i and a cat. -- puppy and a cat. ♪
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>> i told you after a gay marriage this was going to happen. cats and dogings. it is it driving me crazy. you are disciplined five times for sending naked pictures of jasper to the cooworkerings. >> jasper is -- is a wonderful dog . he just happens to have a kind of obvious thing going on down there. >> i don't follow. >> and i will send the puppy picture and you can put it up. >> by the way. >> i thought it was a study. >> no more pictures, please. >> what is it. what is the best woman against jerks. >> and i don't see why they have to pay money is human nature. best thing to deal with jerks
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is to ignore them like i do you all of the time. >> absolutely. >> walter, doesn't it feel good to engage with strangirs and you can deliver vitriol . you can kill them and not stee them >> if you are ignoring someone on the internet. how do they know you are ignoring them. you have to say i am ignoring you. >> talk about a mind screw. >> and here is it a mind that loves being blown. and second much all. you know, this has to be the most boring study ever they should have remained visilent themselves . people have to adjust. >> that is true. we have to adjust your behavior. >> i can vouch for the validity of the study and i
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see chicks on line . i give up after five-days and they write back bleep hole . the study is accurate . you engage in somebody. it is unhealthy and driving a car and road rage and somebody gives you a finger then it is it on. you better be prepared to die in the end of the whole thing. it is it healthier to ignore it and let it go. >> he is not kidding. >> you had a heated exchange with pipper mint but 84. did it surprise you to find out lou dobs. >> he was unbelieve able . how lou said it involved him and his sister? >> and the weird thing is, at first he wanted monep and turns out he had a weird crush. >> coming up whampt is the ultimate luxur i in foot bear
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and why they strapped kittens to the feet. >> and does the f.b.i. have a sexting problem. it is it a bad question. ♪ [ male announcer ] why do more emergency workers everywhere trust duracell...?? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. now...guaranteed. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. and it's four times stronger. charmin ultra strong.
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>> the feds want you in . the past two years the bureau was forced to discipline a thousand employee for bad behavior including a rash of
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sexting. that was obtained by cnn and agents got in trouble for texting naked picture explicit message to other employees . another agent was disciplined for going to a massage parlor. when you are given an f.b.i. black berries it is not to text the other woman in the office or send a picture of yourself in a staste undriss. we'll go to the washington bureau chief. oh. yes. that is you exactly. the most amazing picture. that is an adorable shake. >> i could chug thaticate in twos. >> put it in a blender. >> bernie, don't you think
8:26 pm
that f.b.i. agents would be smart enough not to do this? >> duh, but they're carrying on a tra. jay edgar hoofer wore dress. >> do we know that is true? >> i read in a book. this is a manifestation of a larger societal trend and once considered the society of perverts the sexting is the thing. why talked in the green room and you guys admitted to it. it is. but one word for these people. they are stipped for doing it weiner . thee thee -- anthony weiner. >> walter. you expect them to do better. they are f.b.i. agents. >> i never mythologiize the agents the wape you .
8:27 pm
exactly, i think that they have a low percentage . i like the f.b.i. is investigating sexting. who busted these people and who went to the massage parlor and put the bug in the massage parlor . they are doing their jobs, taking care of other and leaving their hands off me. >> sexting is whe someone sends a sensual material. >> check your phone right now. >>ip knowledge think they better have better looking co-workers than i do. >> what a stab at eric boling. >> he has a beautiful inside. >> and frat boy international is what the f.b.i. is . the thing that amazed me about the story, cn spent more time
8:28 pm
covering this story than they have anything else in the past four years. >> it is it senal and they need to do that. >> and the pictures haven't leaked. we want to see the tiny apparatus of the f.b.i.. >> it is it like a sting. >> thicethey call it the g-spot. >> you complained about your own self harassment. >> they kicked my rump. i like it because it humanizes him . winston churchhill said espionousage . self defense but we are all to our own croachroonies. >> i read it in the same book bernie read about j. edgard.
8:29 pm
>> no; no. >> it is it popular in the 1940s >> underwear the franchise in the midwest. >> e-mail at redeye go to fox stim to come. half time report from jamie levy who is going no where in life. no where. >> the australian mar nip suls. thank you, walabyes. [ male announcer ] when ziggy the cat appeared at their door, he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy, but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love
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why are back and will find out if there is anything wrong. smooth man . kind of lost interest in the intro . guess what people at home . they said i like his honesty. >> you might be right about that. >> you can never tell. i might be wrong about you. >> bernie, you said the academy are geth rid of the women who handled oscars is hypocitical. >> he said it is kind of sexist. >> what is sexist?
8:34 pm
>> it is sexist. >> there is nothing kind of about it just say sexist. >> beautiful women. if it is not a bad thing to case beautiful women in a national televised. >> like slabs of meat. >> like magic mike your boy. >> you can't spell sexist without exist. >> he had to check that. >> with the exception of dana, the way you are with magic mike i feel likip am in a bath house. >> we can arrange that. >> why were in tampa and gregmented me to go to all of the magic mike sites. >> i tried to get her to go where they filmed location.
8:35 pm
i am an investigator it is an art film. >> absolutely. >> it is an art film. >> a lot of people named art enjoyed the film. >> and you referred to alena as america's treasure. that is incorrect she is. >> and up in the air pointed out on the novel was nominated for six oscars . won none. >> they all got robbed, but anacendrick >> she lost to precious. >> right, that movie. >> i still haven't seebe it but i want to. >> no one saw it and no one will. said thape . >> i went to a porno movie
8:36 pm
name happened up in the air. >> i don't know. >> there is it no innuendo in that title. >> not what so ever. >> that is if you want to stretch on the first word, i guess there is. >> dana, why do you not want to be penned down. >> i thought you were afraid of offending machine and your hollywood buddies. >> you have season a single movie. >> a best of the southern wild. >> i did like it i thought that young lady eight years old. >> she's 67 and that's why she should win. female emmanuel lewis. >> that not a program, dana. i watch it at home. you are watching it at home on pbs. and you downloaded it illegally. didn't you, dana.
8:37 pm
>> she watched it on the few finder. >> and comedy is always shut out of the oscars. >> and that is it comedy really. >> it is it a best picture. >> i didn't see it. it looks depressing about a mentally deranged kid. >> if is not depressing. >> and he's telling you it is not depressing. >> andy is a walking brooklyn bridge. >> and that is it a trail. >> andy is not even boy polar. >> it is it an uplifting movie. >> it is it not funny and not the three stooges. there were funny momentings. >> and the trial're trail didn't indicate. it was somebody with a disorder. >> and that was the original title. >> get one of the people who
8:38 pm
are mentally ill to play that. >> that is it a good point. >> last time they did that was with shaun penn. >> and gary busey to play the pie polar. >> that is it a fantastic. >> and super ficial and toogood looking. >> the hiring of bradly cooper is sexist. it should have been matthews mcconaughey. >> it came out . really tis it a long time. i think they should hold the oscars back. i don't care about last year's movies. >> movies don't matter unless they come out between thanksgiving and christmas. >> they are holiday movies. >> that is it not winning. >> and eddy, i wish i can't
8:39 pm
they had a editing. you worked in the film industry. two hours. >> two hours too long. >> 45 minutes at the end was amazing. >> it was the only movie of the big ones. argo, didn't fall apart in the third act. argo felt so fake. it certainly was. >> it is it all about hollywood saving the world for islamic fundmental mr. #2: . the movie about boly wood is always the ones that wins. >> god, i hated the artist . what i nind amazing. ziro dark 30 gets slammed and so instead you vote for argo. it is it loosely based on
8:40 pm
reality. >> even jimmy carter said it false. >> ignore the obnoxious people. if is it better for up. birney - you agree to let it g. arguing back and forth when you respond positively. if someone said you are an obnoxious twirt. say thanks . it drive them nuptless. >> you are giving thim attention. >> it is debatable . like i said. i you send to chickings and i give up. >> you are talking about that again. >> yeah. chris, walter. if you ignore someone on the internet how do they know? >> yes. >> i assume you don't respond. >> you could not see it >> it is it an absence.
8:41 pm
how do you know i am ignoring you or unconscious. >> i do the same. everyone is ignoring me. >> andrew. >> he is right. it works in your case. >> i learn from experience. >> oh. i am not looking for sympathy. >> well, you got it >> i am lookingalt you. right down here, right there. f.b.i. dealing with rash of sexting. i read through the f.b.i.'s report to see what else the discipline is for. here's one i like. employee hit a recording device in super visor's office. i would never think much doing that. that is it a weird idea. >> that's what you are train add for with the f.b.i.. >> maybe this is why they can't finted robert meneppedez' prostitute. you should get the secret service to look for those
8:42 pm
prostitutes. >> oh, i know her. >> and they will not pay them. >> the . eep who hit the recording device fired. what was the punishment. . eye lest bureau gun and loop top in car overnight. >> pro. >> five-day suspension. >> that makes it sound more reasonable. >> it seems like one employee was fired. i don't know. knape. person towho used the cell phone 10 dayless suspend happened. twice as nice as having a shot gun stolen. >> danny. mr. 2: just realmsed what you. >> you dopdone there? >> i can be you are doing your paper thing. >> all right. i am done. i don't care. whatever. there you g. >> and i thought you were . heard the musicy. >> and you -- you are done .
8:43 pm
coming up. so what do you do when you are arrested in fay downtown bar and feeling her artificial leg. dana leads a wild life . first, will 3 d printers end up making brand new body parts? i hope so. >> if not it is it a totally made up story. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study... centrum silver. that's what i take. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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an ohio couple was arrested over the greatest guitarist of all time. the boyfriend made the case for slash. his first and last name from
8:47 pm
guns and roses and the grirl friend argued for eddy van hailen . staff had to call the cops and discovered the pair had outstanding warrants. everybody knows the greatest is john maer. discuss. >> lightning round. lightning round. >> i love stickings . grand illusion. >> my first christmas albut . bernie? are arguments like these the only ones that matter because you are eight. passionate. >> and they got into an argument of sequestration and then eddy van halen. >> that is the third metallica album.
8:48 pm
>> i didn't know that. >> i made tup. >> that is it a sexual move. >> it is it a yoga. >> i thought -- >> it is sequesting right now. >> and who is the best of all time. jimmy hen drickings. >> i hope to see him sometime soon. >> every since you opened for him we haven't seen him. >> he's taking time off to reflect. >> i don't think the owners of motel 6 should call the cops on anybody. >> that's the door. motel 6. >> and that's it. you go to motel six and there is an unconscious relationship that you have that you are not doing something nice. >> you stay in a motel 6. >> it is it ape family of
8:49 pm
unicorns. >> you take the family. >> and it is. no, you are probably right. >> probably? >> i think motel 6 upgraded their image i believe. >> it is two wipe outs for you now. >> dan ayou have a different of the greatist guitarist of all time. >> it is one of them. dirks bentley. >> oh, my god. >> i kind of hoping you wouldn't come to me and i heard of gun and roys and van hailen-- halen. i have no idea and don't care. >> really? >> i am prepared for everything and i can't make it up or pretend they know. i would never argue about i had an argument that was over to me over christmas.
8:50 pm
my puppy is near the fire and i said he is cold. my husband said no, he wants to be nearer to the warm. i thought that was sexist and offensive. >> that is it amazing. a make-up argument. >> i have no idea where that came bill, last word, you were a original guitarist for led zeppelin and turned it down to open a candle shop. >> no, i was the fish in that famous stoir store. this sounds like the coolist coupem in the history of the cool. as a result, i assume thape would like to experiment and keep things fresh. so daul me. >> you are right. i am not cool. >> okay, i am going to list best guitarist. people think it is it about soloing. it is it about rips.
8:51 pm
>> what about the strangler. >> and the stranglerings, i played them on the show. yukelali. >> and we'll have miles per hour stuff when why come back. upon right noup, buy it we'll sign . [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your imptant legal matters in just minutes.
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>> some genius scientist in cornel university. go fight it hepatits . inject living cells to create an artificial year- ear. >> it will help those and lost them to accident or disease . fingers crossed. maybe those who want to add to the human collection like me. this 3 d printer is all about the ears. this thing. we are going to have a box that makes stuff for us any time and anywhere. >> i know what i want made for me first and i don't want it made to match what i have right now. >> it is impossible. that is it a beautiful thought
8:56 pm
and what men do. this is it an amazing machine and instead of trying to solve, i want something bigger. >> bernie, are you looking forward for anything. it is it really it is. >> i can't hear you. >> you are absolutely right. ip want something that creates natural hair. that is it a problem. not ears . i am with him on the better brain or different oregon or create something like that. it is bigger and it is it expensive. >> and we want to. it is it true . and it is another one. >> and that is in oregon. >> and something that can hear and ultimate lie and play the
8:57 pm
ukeleli. >> and that is. ip rarather not be. i let you fill in the different orgorg. >> it is kind of like we combined baking cakes with software . why create a software that can back things. >> i don't know if it works it is getting jammed and i hardly print anything anywhere because it is prus traiting . i don't know how to make a it . we'll tell bob beckle about this new printer >> and eliminating the middle man that is it. recent clips of shows and fox a lot of new stuff folks haven't seen before.
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